Wedding Catering

Don’t panic! Everything will be fine! We will take care of everything. You probably don’t know what to plan first and are afraid to forget something important? We have been caterers at various events for over 18 years and we will are happy to help you with our expertise. We can advise you on the amount of the food, the selection of each delicacy, and the entire planning process if you like.

We know that weddings usually have a well thought-out schedule, but also that you sometimes still need to be spontaneous and flexible. Just let us know about your wishes and questions and we will cooperate with you to create the perfect concept for your wedding.

From the champagne reception to the wedding buffet

Be it before the wedding ceremony or afterwards, a champagne reception is a classic way to welcome guests, to give room for small talk and to simply get settled. We recommend to serve small delicacies from our finger food offer to prevent rumbling stomachs and too much impatience before the actual meal.

We completely go by your time schedule. On the sidelines we build up a visual as well as culinary firework in the form of a wedding buffet. The decoration will of course be based on the colors and theme of your wedding,

In addition to the buffet, our grill catering with live cooking offers a special highlight. Our chefs prepare fresh mini-burgers or wok dishes and are happy to respond to questions and wishes of the guests.

Snacks, cakes and other pastries as well as numerous desserts complete our catering offer. As an accompaniment for the wedding you can also book various drinks or a whole cocktail bar, including a bartender.

A small insight into our wedding buffets

In order to compose a buffet, various buffet stations are available to you, each with a selection of diverse dishes.

For example, you can offer a soup station with your selection of soups, choose a salad buffet in addition or decide on a pasta and/or antipasti station. This way, you compose your buffet according to your wishes down to the smallest detail.

Vegan wedding catering

You would like to offer your guests vegetarian delicacies or even an entirely vegan wedding buffet or wedding menu? Vegan catering is no longer a rarity for us, so we offer

  • Vegan cold finger food,
  • Vegan hot finger food,
  • Vegan desserts,
  • Vegan canapés,
  • Vegan spreads,
  • Vegan antipasti,
  • Vegan barbecue specialties,
  • Vegan snacks,
  • Vegan cakes,
  • Vegan soups,
  • Vegan options at the pasta station,
  • Vegan appetizers and of course
  • Vegan main courses.

Vegan dishes are also prepared during live cooking.

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