Show Cooking

In addition to our buffet variations, you can create a special highlight with our show cooking catering at your home or at your desired location.

Our chefs prepare delicacies from the grill or wok live and also present their talent as entertainers.

Show Cooking BBQ

Besides the grill catering, which is usually served in buffet form, we offer our show cooking by the grill as a supplement to the buffet for 50 people or more. Among other things, you can choose from 6 different mini burgers, including vegetarian and vegan burgers.

As a more rustic variant, you can also opt for bratwurst in a bun.

For our live catering, we also offer a variety of salad stations that can optionally be complemented by various skewers prepared on the grill.

Live Sushi and Wok Dishes

Before your eyes, our master of sushi will prepare the most diverse sushi variations from maki to nigri or fish to vegan.

Or choose from 6 different wok dishes, such as a vegan version with vegetable strips in Indonesian soy sauce, tofu and fragrant rice.

Fresh Cocktails from a Bartender

Cocktails prepared by an expert bring a special flair to any event. Order yourself a vacation in a glass, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Our bartenders conjure up delicious cocktails from fruity to tart.

Of course, we will bring along the appropriate equipment including glasses and ingredients.

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